Topjack Games 三周签订三份白标签协议

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  瓦莱塔,马耳他-(新闻稿)-在线博彩世界将成为即时头奖的先锋Topjack Games的天下了 - 当它在不到三周时间内就弄到第三份白标签协议。


  uWinBingo.com是第三家与Topjack Games签订白标签协议的企业,他们的发言人说“我们期待着世界上第一个200万欧元大奖的出现,到2012年底,Topjack Games将推出500万欧元的大奖,在2013年,1000万欧元大奖将推出”


  Topjack Games的创始人Nick Lynes还在为公司新产品赢得市场压倒性的良好反应而兴奋不已。



  PS:白标签协议(white-labeling agreements)-按照这种协议,Topjack Games公司将向其他公司提供技术,而签约方将可以按照自己的品牌推出网络博彩服务。


  VALETTA, Malta -- (PRESS RELEASE) -- The online gaming world can’t get enough of instant jackpot pioneers Topjack Games, as it secures its third white label deal in less than three weeks from launch.

  The Lloyd’s of London insured business was launched just a few weeks ago, offering both players and partners access to multi-million instant win jackpots on slots, instant lottery, keno, video poker, blackjack, roulette and bingo that do not require player liquidity or jackpot seeding. was the third business to sign a white label deal with Topjack Games. Their spokesman said, “We are looking forward to advertising the world’s first €2 million jackpot. By the end of 2012, Topjack Games will provide jackpots at both €5 million and in 2013 jackpots of €10 million,” he said.

  “This unique product will really help us retain, acquire, and convert players. Topjack clearly understands the marketplace and its operators and has developed a product that we can really use.”

  Topjack Games founder Nick Lynes is still reeling for the overwhelmingly positive reaction to the company’s new products.

  “We launched only a few weeks ago and have enjoyed a huge amount of interest and have signed a white label deal every week. Our partners see the benefit of being first to market with our instant win multi-million and multi-currency jackpots,” he said.

  “We are the first company to offer mega instant jackpots on all games not just slots and we have much bigger jackpot prizes and games to come.”

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